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Meet Matthew


Matthew joined our family in February of 2005.  He was a sweet and handsome boy who completed our family. From the moment he arrived in this world, he touched everyone he met. He was loving and caring. He was brave and courageous. And, he was charming. Matthew's smile and jokes could make even the darkest of days seem brighter.


Matthew was diagnosed with both autism and epilepsy at the age of 2. Despite these obstacles, Matthew adapted very well. He grew into a remarkable ten-year old boy spreading his contagious smile and genuine love. With the help of his family, teachers, therapists, and his friends, Matthew found a way to truly enjoy life.


Matthew passed away on March 23, 2015 from complications following a seizure. Although his journey on this Earth was far too short, Matthew taught us so many things. He taught us to live in the moment and enjoy what you have. He taught us that love is by far the most important thing. And, he taught us that everyone has the potential to be your friend!


Through his spirit, and as our inspiration, we have set out to build Matthew's Helping Hands and honor Matthew as we help other children play, learn, and grow.



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