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Move & Groove Event

Hosted by Youth Unite

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Youth Unite is an organization made to simply bring our youth together. And they won't let the current pandemic stand in the way of helping our kids have some fun while at home.

To learn more about their terrific mission, and their founders, Vanika and Palak, click here.

Thank you Youth Unite for supporting Matthew's Helping Hands and allowing us to take part in this great event!

Hello MHH Families!


In partnership with Youth Unite, we are excited for another virtual event - 100% online and no contact activities! Just like our typical MHH events, Youth Unite has planned several fun activities. But this event will be virtual and COVID friendly.


You can sign up the little ones by simply clicking the link below for the Youth Unite sign-up form. They will facilitate some great activities for all ages - including step-by-step drawing, karaoke, yoga/meditation, trivia, sounds game, dance, canvas painting, and paper crafts. Best of all, the kids will get the interaction that they may have missed due to the pandemic.  



10:00AM - 12:00PM


The theme for this event is Move & Groove - activities that will engage the left and right brains and stimulate each child's body! Fun, safe, and virtual!


Hope to see you there!

Also, Youth Unite has set up an Autism Awareness Campaign with proceeds to benefit Matthew's Helping Hands. How great is that!?!? Click here to learn more.

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